Pre-Construction Services

E & L Construction can assist you in getting your project moving forward. Our experience can assist you with ensuring the site you are or possibly selecting meets all the zoning requirements, what kind of impact fees may be applicable to your project, and any other requirements based on your use. Determining what the conditions are that will be put on your project by the City or County is essential in establishing a correct and accurate budget. 

E & L Construction can also put together a preliminary design package for you to take to the bank to begin the process of getting approved for financing if needed. Most banks want a basic set of plans to be able to establish a value of the project. Our design services can provide you with those plans.

E & L Construction's design services through E & L Designs can complete and submit any entitlement applications such as Site Plan Reviews or other Initial application required by the jurisdiction. By having us handle those entitlements, we are able to control the design of the site and thus the cost to ensure meeting the budgets.

E & L Construction can also help you with the local utility companies as may be required on your project. We can submit as required to P.G.&E. for service as well as phone or cable companies. It is essential to submit to these agencies early on as they can be the delay of the project.

Let E & L Construction use it's experience and knowledge to guide your project through the initial phases.


General Contracting

Put E & L Construction's experience to work for you on your next project. Our experience and knowledge both from the design side and the contracting side will make your project a success. 

We can assist you with Site Development. We have experience in the processing of plans through the permit process and can construct the improvements required for your project. Whether on-site improvements or off-site improvements, we can guide you through the design/permit process and construction.

If you need a new building constructed, for your business or for investment, we can get it built for you. If you have plans, we can give you a formal proposal based on the plans. If not, E & L Construction in coordination with E & L Designs can provide design-build services by assisting you with developing plans and obtaining pricing. Commercial, Industrial, AG or whatever your use may be, E & L Construction can construct your next project to your satisfaction and per the budget.

If your company is outgrowing its current space, but still has room to expand, E & L Construction can help your business grow. With our design knowledge and construction experience, we will help you know upfront what implications and hurdles there could be with expanding your facility and find constructive and cost effective solutions to those obstacles. The more you can find and address upfront, the less changes there are.

Need a new space improved or an existing space remodeled for your office, restaurant, retail space, dentist office, or any other use? We have experience in a wide variety of tenant improvements and will work with you to help make an existing space yours. Give it your identity and branding, or bring your existing space up to date. We understand and have experience the complex codes that today's construction has to deal with and can ensure your facility meets all accessibility codes and regulations.

With over 20+ years experience in Pre-Engineered Steel Building design and construction,and an Authorized CBC Builder, we can provide you and your business with the Pre-Engineered Steel Building it needs. We can handle the layout, ordering, permitting and erection of your next project. We also have experience in expansion of existing Steel Buildings. If you have never thought of using a Steel Building on your project, give us the opportunity to review and explain what benefits there may be on your project by using Steel. No matter how small or how large, contact us to see how a Pre-Engineered Steel Building could help you. 


Design Build Contracting


Design Services

E & L Designs

We are unique in that we not only design for ourselves in a Design-Build situation, but we design for others as well.


For Design-Build projects, we design, draft, permit, and contract the job for you. A one stop shop able to get the entire project completed for you. From project inception through Grand Opening, E & L Construction and E & L Designs can complete your project, control cost, and provide one source accountability for your project.

For Design-Bid projects, E & L Designs work with you to design and draft bid ready and permit ready plans for your project. E & L Construction would love the opportunity to bid your project, but that is not a requirement of hiring E & L Designs. If you already selected a contractor, or are a contractor, we are here to help you obtain your permits and answer any questions needed during construction. Continue on to E & L Designs to learn more......